Evil at Heart

Evil at Heart - Chelsea Cain Gretchen Lowell is still on the loose and Archie Sheridan is still looking for her. But is he looking for her as a cop, or as a lover? Gretchen is a female serial killer who could stand toe to toe with Hannibal Lector and Archie not only is the detective on the case but a victim she chose to let live … the only victim she released as far as we know. They had an affair while he was held captive and tortured, so is it love or is it a game of cat and mouse. As beautiful Gretchen’s face is splashed on magazine covers and sensationalized in books Archie finds himself hospitalized, depressed and addicted to painkillers. So they strike a bargain – he will not kill himself if she agrees not to kill anyone else. All bets are called off when a body is found displaying her signature “heart” carved into the torso.

Getting caught up in a series is always a dangerous thing for me. I find that I continue to read the books despite the fact that the action gets a little repetitious. Ms. Cain’s characters are interesting enough for me to continue reading because I want to see what has been happening to them between books. Personally I don’t think its right for their lives to go on when I am not reading about them, but hey, that’s just me. :-)