Kill You Twice

Kill You Twice - Chelsea Cain Serial killer Gretchen Lowell is finally locked away, drugged into a near stupor, in a psychiatric ward. This gives Detective Archie Sheridan some breathing space to do some healing of his own. His latest case is baffling as the killer is confident enough to apprehend, torture and kill someone in a public park in broad daylight. Baffling that is until he gets a message from Gretchen saying she has some inside information about the murder. Inside information might be an understatement.

Although Gretchen is still very much a part of this book, not being the central character allows the reader to find out more about some of the peripheral characters. Some interesting sidebar stories come out in this instalment of the series … some are resolved in this book … but, in my opinion, another larger one, is not. Guess that’s the trap of a series, I will have to read the next one.