Two Graves

Two Graves - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child Over the course of the previous books in the series Pendergast has been led to believe that his wife Helen was killed by a lion and then died at the hands of a murderer. As this book opens we learn that neither of these is true and Helen is still very much alive. At their touching reunion in Central Park, where despite everything Pendergast wants to begin their life together again Helen is abducted. With his dream of a happy life together torn from before his very eyes Pendergast slips into a deep depression and opens his door to no one. The only thing that draws him back from the brink of suicide is a series of murders committed by someone Pendergast believes may be his brother (Presumed dead). Well, Aloysius is about to discover Helen left behind more than the mystery of where she has been for the past several years.

Mr. Preston and Mr. Child never disappoint with this series. Do you have to suspend belief a little bit, of course you do, otherwise it would not be a Pendergast novel. But the roller coaster this book rides makes it worthwhile. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the Constance Green story was featured a little more prominently. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the authors added a book to the series where her story is the main one.