The Myth of You and Me

The Myth of You and Me - Leah Stewart When you are a teenager you think every event is dramatic, every disappointment is earth shattering, every love is your forever love but life soon teaches you that’s not the case. The one belief you want to hold on to more than any other is that your best friend will be your best friend for life. For those of us who are fortunate that does turn out to be the case, but not so for Cameron and Sonia. Sure they would be friends forever it turns out that love and infidelity tear them apart. When Cameron’s beloved, but eccentric, employer dies he leaves her a package with the directions that it is to be hand delivered to Sonia. He is hoping that finding each other again will reignite their friendship.

This book is full of the secrets, insecurities and foibles of having a best friend and the honesty of how it feels when that friendship is lost and life carries on. It was an interesting story, well written and enjoyably readable.