The Blood Gospel

The Blood Gospel - Rebecca Cantrell, James Rollins I should have known better coming from James Rollins, but I did not this book was the first of a series. My mind obviously chose to ignore the subtitle that reads “The Order of the Sanguines Series”. So I blindly dove right in, expecting an action packed conspiracy-theory thriller, which was just what I wanted to read. Well, I got what I was expecting but with an interesting twist thrown in … just a little dash added from the paranormal/legend/horror genre.

Dr. Erin Granger is unexpectedly ordered to leave her own archeological site to investigate a tomb in Masada uncovered by a recent earthquake. Her unwanted side trip sends her on a week long journey where she uncovers not only an unknown gospel written in the hand of Jesus, but the secret guardians of the book; namely the Sanguinists, as well as a few members of the undead including Elizabeth Bathory and Rasputin who of course come with their special guardians the hellhounds and werewolves. Flitting from Israel to Germany and on to Russia, just as Dr. Granger and her entourage discover the secret of the gospel, the book comes to a mysterious (yet intriguing) end.

Ms. Cantrell’s paranormal has an obvious influence on Mr. Rollins usual “tough guy” action and I managed to suspend judgment long enough to be completely drawn into the story and the characters. This was definitely a book that was fun to read, just wondering what surprise was going to be on the next page.