A Cold and Lonely Place

A Cold and Lonely Place - Sara J. Henry Troy Chance is still running her “boarding” house and still writing freelance articles for the local Lake Placid paper. As she is covering the harvesting of ice for the annual building of the ice castle, everything suddenly stops. The workers have uncovered a body floating under the ice. As Troy nears the site she is immediately struck by the fact that she recognizes the face under the ice, not a local man but someone she knows none-the-less. And, someone she in all honestly, did not care for very much.

I enjoyed Ms. Henry’s Learning to Swim a great deal, so I knew when this book came out I would have to pick it up. Ms. Henry does not disappoint. I enjoy her writing style and her characters and appreciate the fact that her characters are not perfect people living perfect lives. The reader is allowed to get to know her characters as they go about the business of living their lives; lumps, bumps, insecurities and successes … all included.