S.E.C.R.E.T. - L. Marie Adeline Although she is content in the life she made for herself after her alcoholic/abusive husband dies, Cassie Robichaud feels there is something missing from her life. She has co-workers and acquaintances, but really, no friends, certainly, no dates. All in all, with the exception of her cat, her life is very solitary. As Cassie is clearing a table after a café customer leaves she realizes the woman has left behind a notebook. Not wanting to read it, yet feeling somehow compelled to do so the diary leads her to a life that she could only have imagined. No … even Cassie herself would admit she could never have imagined the series of erotic fantasies to which she was introduced.

I’ve enjoyed a good “bodice-ripper” every once in a while, but despite all the hype and hoopla “Shades of Grey” totally put me off the pop-erotica that is available lately. My hairdresser, of all people, recommended this book so I felt I had to read it. Knowing I am an avid reader, she would no doubt ask about it at my next appointment. I have to say; this book pleasantly surprised me. There are no quivering virgins and although there is a slightly Christian-esque character he has a minor role (big sigh of relief). Cassie is a mature woman who makes an informed choice to experience, unapologetically, a series of erotic encounters. Cassie is a fun character that I got to like as the book progressed. This book had a little more meat on its bones than some erotic fiction out there. I will definitely pick up the sequel.