Strip - Thomas Perry Manco Kapak owns a string of strip clubs and conducts a little bit of questionable business on the side to supplement his income. Jefferson Davis Falkins decides he’s found a new way of making money that does not involve real work of any kind … he just keeps robbing Manco when he makes his night deposits. Manco is not a man you want to cross. Unfortunately for Joe Carver, he ends up in the middle of the mess when his name comes up as the thief. Carver confronts Manco and declares his innocence, but Manco will not back off. So as Jefferson keeps robbing Manco, Joe makes it his mission to get Manco to back off. And with that the reader follows along on a roller coaster ride of misdeeds, misconceptions and murder. Meanwhile, Detective Nick Slosser is trying to solve the crimes and at the same time try to keep his two wives from finding out about each other.

I enjoy listening to audio books on my commute every day. I had run out of audio books, so when I went to the library I scanned the shelves of audio material and picked one at random, thinking it would “get me through” until some of my “reserves” came in. This book caught my attention because of its bright yellow cover. My goodness am I glad I picked it up. If you like a farcical story written with cleverness, wit and humor you have to pick up this book. I ended up cheering for the bad guy, scratching my head about the good guy and constantly wondering what in the world would happen next. A romping good read. I will definitely be looking for more of Mr. Perry’s work.