A Fistful of Collars

A Fistful of Collars - Spencer Quinn The Mayor wants to bring some much-needed revenue into the Valley so he arranges for a major Hollywood movie to film using the Valley as their location. Of course, with major Hollywood blockbusters come major Hollywood stars and their entourages. In this case it’s tempermental Thad Perry. Thad not only has the reputation of a bad boy, but the requisite drug problems to go with it and, some strange connection to the Valley that no one has figured out. The Mayor’s office hires the Little detective agency to “baby-sit” the actor. With Chet and Bernie on the job, soon enough things start to happen.

As usual, an extremely fun read, with Chet (the dog) narrating the story. Mr. Quinn’s books always have a plot interesting enough to make me want to keep reading and throws in just enough little tidbits about Chet and Bernie to make me want to pick up the next one. In this case, with a look-alike puppy being spotted everywhere, I think Chet’s secret life as a “dog about town” is about to be blown wide open.