The Silver Linings Playbook

The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick Pat Peoples has just come home from “the bad place”. He is doing everything he can to give his life a happy ending and just does not understand why his family and friends refuse to talk about his beloved wife Nikki. He understands that something happened and he is doing his best to make “apart time” be over. Pat is on a rigorous training routine to make his body physically fit for Nikki. He is trying to cope with being haunted by Kenny G. He is dealing with an apparent stalking by his best friend’s sister-in-law. He is cheering for his beloved Philadelphia Eagles and trying oh-so-hard to be good. Why is everyone trying to make him think about things too?

Mr. Quick has written an amazing book. In an entertaining, well-written and kind way he has given his readers an insight into mental illness. Pat is definitely troubled and trying very hard to heal but the impact of mental illness goes so much further than Pat. It affects everyone around him as well. This is his story, but also the story of all the people around him. I have not seen the movie so do not know if it does the book justice, but the book was wonderful. Although very different style and content, this book reminded me a little bit of A Beautiful Mind with the awe and pride I felt for both of the main characters at the end of their stories.

I listened to this book on audio and have to give credit to the reader, Ray Porter. He gave Pat Peoples a wonderful voice with which to tell his story.