Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn All outward appearances indicate that Nick and Amy have a happy marriage. Sure, there seems to be some bumps along the way, but everyone has those, right? Yet on the eve of their fifth wedding anniversary Amy disappears. Nick quickly goes from public sympathy for his missing wife to prime suspect. Both Nick and Amy tell their side of this story, in alternating chapters … but the two sides don’t quite align.

I can’t really go any further than that without ticking the spoiler alert and with a book this suspenseful and well written it would really be a sin to ruin it for anyone thinking of picking it up. This book is a psychological thriller woven into a look inside a not so perfect marriage. I wavered on how to rate this book – on a whole it deserves four stars for originality and an ending I did not see coming, yet I’m leaning towards three starts because there were some parts that were a little muddy and seemed to take me too far away from the story. Normally this doesn’t make a big impact, but in a story this tight it seemed to glare out at me. All that aside, it’s definitely worth reading.