Criminal Enterprise

Criminal Enterprise - Owen Laukkanen In The Professionals FBI Agent Windermere and BCA Office Stevens found they worked well together to bring down the bad guys. Despite promises to keep in touch, other than a cup of coffee once, they went their separate ways. When the prime suspect in a string of bank robberies beeps on Agent Windermere’s radar and that same person happens to coach high school basketball with Officer Stevens their paths cross once again. But Officer Stevens can’t help but wonder if possibly she is off the mark on this once. After all, why would a man who has everything going for him – big house, good job, nice family – resort to robbing banks?

The Professionals was an excellent page-turner, and with his second novel Mr. Laukkanen proves that was not a fluke. Even better than his first, this story moves along smoothly and quickly. His “bad guy” is once again a normal person, through unforeseen circumstance (and really bad judgment), finds himself in an unusual situation. I hope to read more from Mr. Laukkanen.