The Next Thing on My List

The Next Thing on My List - Jill Smolinski June Parker is 30-something, works in a job where she hopes to become upwardly mobile, enjoys her life and her friends, is looking for love and struggles with losing the ten pounds that always manage to creep up on her. As she is leaving a Weight Watchers meeting, she offers a ride to a fellow group member. Unfortunately, they are involved in an accident, which kills her passenger Marissa. The accident that was in no way June’s fault but as any of would, she still blames herself. She finds a list that fell out of Marissa’s purse – a sort of “Bucket List” of things she wanted to do before she turned twenty-five. Although she realizes that it will not bring Marissa back, June makes it her mission to complete the list since Marissa cannot. Not only does this prove challenging, but June learns a good many things about herself along the way.

I picked up this book because I enjoyed “Objects of My Affection” so much, and this book did not disappoint. Ms. Smolinksi has a new fan here. Yes, it’s probably classified as a light read, but a light read that makes a point. I defy anyone to read this book and not even so much as ponder a “list” of his or her own.