A Step of Faith

A Step of Faith - Richard Paul Evans Alan Christoffersen began his walk from Seattle to Key West almost one year ago. Devastated by the death of his wife, the betrayal of his business partner, the loss of his business and his home he was contemplating suicide, but decided to walk instead. After collapsing at the side of the road at the “almost halfway point” of his walk, Alan discovers his recent bouts with vertigo are being caused by a brain tumor. Having to deal with yet another hospital stay, Alan decides to have the procedure done in California, staying with his father (in his childhood home) to recuperate. Counting his blessings that the tumor was benign and although not quickly as he wishes, he does resume his walk. As can only be expected when one is walking cross-country he meets up with some interesting people.

This series is a wonderful series to read. Nothing blows up, no shades of grey, no bad language … just a beautifully written book about a man and his wanderings across the USA.

Mr. Evans includes quotes from “the diary of Alan Christoffersen” at the beginning of each chapter. These quotes are so insightful that it makes me feel like I should write them down so I can have them at my fingertips for the right occasion. If Mr. Evans was not a successful novelist, he could certainly have made a career for himself writing heartfelt greeting cards. (Wow – that last line sounds a little negative, but was meant completely as compliment!)