The Keepers of the Library (Will Piper #3)

The Keepers of the Library (Will Piper #3) - Glenn Cooper Will Piper is back in this third instalment of his Vectis Library series. He is enjoying his retirement in Florida and trying not to dwell on the End of Days scenario he has lived with since discovering the secret library of the monks. He knows that he, his wife and son all live “Beyond the Horizon” and that’s all he wants to dwell on right now. Until his son disappears. Drawing on all his FBI experience he follows his son’s trail to England where he makes a strange discovery, bring all his concerns about the monks and their legacy brutally to the forefront again.

Mr. Cooper’s books have enthralled from the first one, and this series is particularly good. He has a talent for intricately weaving three tales, from three separate time periods in history into a tale that keeps the reader turning the pages. I know this is the third of a trilogy but maybe Mr. Cooper could do an epilogue book (is there such a thing?) because I would like to know what happens “Beyond the Horizon”.