The Yard

The Yard - Alex Grecian Shortly after the reign of terror by Jack the Ripper the London police form a “murder squad”. Twelve men picked for their proven investigative skills to solve murders in 19th century London. When one of the officers is found stuffed into a steamer trunk with his eyes and mouth sewn shut the whole squad is in shock. How could such a heinous crime happen to one of their own? Walter Day, the newest member of the squad is assigned to the case. Insp. Day suspects that this murder is only the beginning and the whole squad is being targeted. He forms an unusual alliance with Dr. Kingsley who performs autopsies for the department. Between the two of them CSI type investigative skills slowly begin to form.

Being a fan of murder mysteries and historical fiction I was looking forward to reading this book when I heard about. I was not disappointed. The characters are interesting and the author brings the backdrop of 1890’s London to life for the reader. I find it particularly interesting to read the author’s perspective on how fingerprint analysis and trace evidence gathering could have been born. If you are a fan of the genre, this book is a must read.