The Black Country

The Black Country - Alex Grecian In this second installment of Mr. Grecian’s new series Inspectors Hammersmith and Day travel to Blackhampton. It is known as the “Black country” because of the coal mining, but also because bad things seem to happen there. The local constable has reached out to The Yard for help in solving the disappearance of a prominent local family and the mysterious appearance of an eyeball in a bird’s nest.

Yes, I am always saying I do not have time to become invested in yet another “series” and then I go ahead and start one anyway. As I picked up this second of Mr. Grecian’s books I had already made up my mind that if it was a cookie cutter rehash of the first I was done with “murder squad”. Well, this was anything but a cookie cutter rehash. A change of locale brings our protagonists to this coal-mining town. The Inspectors, Dr. Kingsley and Henry (my favorite character so far) are interesting characters but the small town-ness, quirkiness and strangeness of the villagers coupled with their local superstitions makes this an interesting and fun read despite the “murderous” plot. If I had to find negative thing to say about this book it would be that the author had a little too much going on. Sometimes I had to page back and forth to keep some of the characters straight.

All in all, still a good read.