The Last Letter from Your Lover

The Last Letter from Your Lover - Jojo Moyes Jennifer Stirling is a typical 1960’s housewife. Typical, that is, for her social standing. She feels she does nothing but decorate her husband’s life, but then that’s what all her friends do as well. Then one morning she wakes up in the hospital, remembering nothing about the accident that put her there, or her life before that. Slowly, through hidden correspondence she finds in the back of her closet, glimpses of her previous life come back to mind. It’s definitely not what she expected. An unhappy marriage? A lover? Plans to run away? All with a man she knows nothing about except that the letters are signed with a “B”.

Jump to 2003 when features writer Ellie Haworth finds a copy of one of the letters in a dusty old file in the archives of the newspaper she works for. Too intriguing to ignore and much to the chagrin of her editor, she puts everything else aside to investigate this letter that so touched her heart. As she begins to pull the story together she realizes that the parallels between her story and Jennifer’s are both uncanny and disturbing.

This book is told in three distinct parts; Jennifer’s story, Ellie’s story and then, the two collide. It is a love story but it is also so much more than that. It’s a commentary of the differences in women’s roles in the early 1960’s, the beginning of “women’s lib” and the role of women in the 21st century. It also explores, and this is the part I found so fascinating, the differences in the way people correspond with the coming of email, cell phones and text messaging. That in itself so clearly defines the differences in the lives of the two main characters. If this book has to be classified as “Chick Lit” then it is definitely a dine example of the genre. I really enjoyed this book and, as I came to the last pages, I didn't want the story to end.