Let the Devil Sleep

Let the Devil Sleep - John Verdon As a favour to a distant friend Dave Gurney finds himself “consulting” for a young woman producing a documentary on “The Good Shepherd” serial killings. Just barely accustomed to his semi-retirement status Dave finds himself falling deeper into the cold case than he anticipated. Trying to pull back to save his sanity (and his marriage) he suddenly finds himself threatened. The Good Shepherd killer is still out there and he is teasing Gurney back into the investigation.

I enjoyed this book because as part of the series the characters progressed and that’s always something I look forward to eagerly. I can only say that I hope Gurney is a little less morose in any future instalments. He was just a little too introspective for me. And the character of Kim was beyond annoying … now I know that was part of her character … but even that has its limits. I got the impression that she is going to reappearing in future books, so I hope she grows up a little bit in between.