Deeply Odd

Deeply Odd - Dean Koontz Once again Odd Thomas becomes involved with a cast of equally odd characters. On a routine trip to the mall to purchase some personal item, Odd’s psychic magnetism starts to tingle and he has a vision of dying children. Immediately following this vision he encounters the cowboy trucker – not a cheery fellow to say the least. Odd knows the trucker and his vision are somehow connected, but how to stay on the trucker’s tale. Enter, at just the right moment, the eccentric Edie Fischer and (this time) the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock and off they go.

I really liked Edie very much and, if Mr. Koontz wraps up this series with the next (7th) book, I hope he does a mini-reunion so we can meet up with some of Odd’s more quirky cohorts again. Annamaria falls into the background again in this book, as she has in the last two. I cannot help but wonder where he is going with her character. The wanna-be writer in me has an idea but since Mr. Koontz has never asked me for suggestions, I’ll just wait and see.

As always, I enjoyed this instalment of the Odd Thomas series. Odd is his usual self and for anyone familiar with the series, that’s all that can be said about that!