Why Can't I Be You

Why Can't I Be You - Allie Larkin Jenny Shaw has a pretty normal life. She has a job that she is good at with the prospect of a promotion in the air. She has (she’s quite sure) a soon to be fiancé, a business trip to get through and then, a romantic vacation to take. Sometimes, though, things just do not go as smoothly as they are planned. Stepping onto the elevator after checking into her hotel she hears someone call what she thinks is her name. She turns expecting to see someone she knows and is quickly swept into a case of mistaken identity. She could rectify the mistake with a few words, but finds she cannot. She would like to be someone else for a little while and besides who would it hurt?

This book was fun. The characters were likable. Ms. Larkin manages to convince her reader that a group of seemingly intelligent people could truly convince themselves Jenny was their long-lost friend from high school. Jenny displays just the right amount of guilt and angst about her deception that the reader does not hate her for her deception. That angst is smoothly transferred to the reader. This made it a page-turner despite the fact at in the world of chick-lit, the outcome was a little predictable.