Unleashed - David Rosenfelt Lawyer, Andy Carpenter does not want to work. He does not have to work. But, every once in a while he reluctantly gets drawn into a case. When Andy’s accountant and friend Sam Willis received a call from Barry, a high school friend (who just happened to marry Sam’s crush) Sam agreed to talk to Andy about taking his case. Barry ended up mysteriously dead, Sam narrowly escaped death and it seems like everyone who knows anything is dropping dead too. This was too tempting for Andy to ignore so he and his team of legal “misfits” are once again on the case.

Are these books cookie-cutter? Definitely. But I love them. Don’t judge me! They are one of my guilty pleasures. When a new one comes out I like to sit down on a Sunday afternoon and spend some time in Andy’s world.

Having recently read “Dogtripping”, Mr. Rosenfelt’s non-fiction adventure in transporting his 25 dogs cross country, I could not help but notice that Andy and he share the same sarcastic, self-deprecating sense of humor. Interesting!