Omens: A Cainsville Novel (Omens and Shadows)

Omens - Kelley Armstrong Imagine coming home from a party only to discover, via reporters parked out on your front lawn, that your whole life has been a lie. That’s exactly what happens to Olivia Taylor Jones. At 24 she discovers that not only was she adopted, but that her real parents are in prison for the ritual serial murders of 8 people. Her adoptive father, always her rock, is dead, her adoptive mother does what she does best, runs from the whole situation and her fiancée thinks they should “postpone” the wedding. Despite her privileged upbringing Olivia decides the only way to get her life back is to get to the bottom of everything by investigating both the murders and her “real” parents. Through a series of happenstance she ends up in Cainesville. On the surface a quaint little town but we soon learn that it is has it’s own mysterious secrets, beginning with the gargoyles scattered everywhere.

Leaving Ms. Armstrong’s “Otherworld” series behind I was not sure what to expect of this first book of her new series. It was different. There are touches of her trademark paranormal, there are murders to be solved, enigmatic characters to get to know, a CIA conspiracy and a brewing love story. This book is filled with teasers of thing to come; clues from Welsh mythology, a con-artist psychic who may actually be more psychic than con-artist, and elderly couple who seem to know more than they let on, a black cat that comes and goes at will and the ravens that seem a bad portent for Olivia. If Ms. Armstrong follows through on these teasers, then I think this will be a good series. When I first read Bitten I immediately loved Elena (and Clay) … I mean what’s not to like about an accidental female werewolf (and the guy who made her one)? I can’t say I felt as strongly about Olivia and Gabriel Walsh. As the book progressed I started to admire her spunk and quick wit. I’m still not sure about Gabriel. Time will tell. Elena and Clay are tough act to follow.

I recently attended a “meet the author” event for Ms. Armstrong. She said she enjoyed writing this series, which was meant to a trilogy but may finish with a fourth installment. She proclaimed to be having so much fun writing the third book that she hated being interrupted. If she enjoyed writing it that much then I am certainly looking forward to reading future installments in the “Cainesville” series.