On Borrowed Time

On Borrowed Time - David Rosenfelt Richard Kilmer and his soon-to-be fiancée are visiting her parents in upstate New York. Taking a drive so Jennifer can show Richard some sites in her hometown, they drive into a sudden storm. Richard regains consciousness only to discover that Jennifer has disappeared. When he is released from the hospital he returns to the home of Jennifer’s parents, hoping to find Jennifer safe and sound, or at least to get word of what happened to her. When her mother opens the door, she denies having ever met Richard before. So starts his slow descent into the unreal. Returning to New York he soon discovers that his apartment has miraculously returned to its “pre-Jenn” state and all of his friends have no recollection of Jennifer. As anyone in his situation would, Richard feels he is losing his grip on reality, until a mysterious late night call starts his search for what really happened.

I know, I know … it sounds like so many other plotlines from so many familiar books and movies. I thought the same thing when I read the book flap. Being a David Rosenfelt fan I felt obligated to at least give it a try. Surprisingly, Mr. Rosenfelt manages to put an interesting 21st century spin on the story. Keeping in mind that this was a bit of a thriller, I could slip through the parts that were a little over the top, and enjoy this book.