Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror - Mary Blayney, Mary Kay McComas, Elaine Fox, R.C. Ryan, J.D. Robb Whenever a new “In Death” book is released can a short story compilation be very far behind? In this newest entry the various authors put their talents to the test reinventing fairy tales for a modern audience while maintaining their own writing genre. Eve Dallas and Rourke are on the trail of a “wicked witch” in a Hansel and Gretel like kidnapping case. (J.D. Robb) A servant girl with an unusual coin and a retired army sergeant with a few hidden talents of his own become unlikely lovers in a story with strong nods to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. (Mary Blaney) In the story reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty, the tables are turned and it’s the prince who is charmed by the jealous fairy. (Elaine Fox) In this updated version of The Little Match Girl an activist for the homeless spreads her generosity a little too far and is about to find herself among the ranks of the people she helps. Her handsome friend steps in to try and save her -- from herself. (Mary Kay McComas) A very Cinderella like schoolteacher receives an unexpected windfall and uses it to travel to Ireland to visit her father’s hometown. When she meets a mysterious and handsome stranger she wonders if she could fall in love so quickly or if it’s the town’s enchantment working its wonders. (R.C. Ryan)

As with any book of short stories, whether one author or several write them, different stories will appeal to different readers. Keeping in line with the theme of the book, like fairy tales, these were all easy to read “happily-ever-after” stories. My favorites? The stories by Robb and Ryan.