The Double Bind

The Double Bind - Chris Bohjalian Laurel Estabrook was a normal young lady, going to school and working until she got attacked while riding her bike along a path through some woods. After that ordeal she found it difficult to trust anyone and withdrew into herself. She found solace in working in a homeless shelter and losing herself in her photography. Then Bobbie Crocker arrives at the shelter. He is a secretive man with secrets of his own and a box of photographs he guards closely. Unfortunately Bobbie dies at the shelter and Laurel is given the task of going through the photographs to discover a little bit more about Bobbie. Laurel’s task takes Laurel (and the reader) back to the era of Gatsby and the roaring twenties. As Laurel discovers more about Bobbie and his life before becoming mentally ill and homeless, the reader discovers that maybe Laurel bears a few more scars from her attack than we are led to believe.

It’s difficult to even write a synopsis about the book without blaring “SPOILER ALERT” before every sentence. Suffice it to say that the twists and turns this book takes lead to a very surprising ending. Well worth the read.