Seven for a Secret

Seven for a Secret - Lyndsay Faye In this book the reader revisits with the new NYPD, 1840’s Manhattan and Timothy Wilde, all of which were introduced in Ms. Faye’s The Gods of Gotham. Although Timothy is a reluctant officer of the law, he does seem to have a knack for it. He also seems to have a knack for stumbling upon the more unusual cases. In this book he up against “blackbirders” who kidnap free black citizens and sell them in the south as escaped slaves. With both the help and the hindrance of fellow “coppers”, his ever-enigmatic brother and, often to the dismay of his chief, he puzzles out the crime in his own unique way.

As in the first book it is obvious that Ms. Faye has done her research, and although the book is filled with historically accurate facts I found the story never bogged down by them. Facts and story telling weave together to make an excellent read. As in the first book Ms. Faye does not take the delicate approach when describing the grit and grime of 1800’s New York and it inhabitants, and for me, that does much to bring the story to life.

I enjoyed this second book of the series and will definitely go on to read any further offerings about Mr. Wilde and the NYPD “Coppers” but by a sliver, I liked Gods of Gotham a little better.