Just What Kind of Mother Are You?

Just What Kind of Mother Are You? - Paula Daly Lisa Kallisto has three children, a husband, several dogs, a household to take care of and a full-time job running an animal shelter. One can forgive a slip of memory every once in a while, right? But when that slip results in her best friend’s daughter being kidnapped no one seems able to forgive Lisa, least of all herself. She does everything she can to help the police, to try and console the girl’s mother and to keep her own life running. She constantly feels that she is nothing but the worst kind of wife and mother. But as the kidnapping investigation continues she begins to discover that maybe she has the best hold on reality of all of those involved.

I liked this book almost from the first page. Lisa is such a typical “modern mom” playing beat-the-clock everyday trying to get everything done and take care of everyone. What woman cannot relate to that scenario? Throw in the stay-at-home-mom best friend with the perfect house, kids and husband and the pressure is really on. As the story progressed, not only was I drawn in to solving the kidnapping but was alternately feeling sorry for and then cheering on Lisa. Ms. Daly populated her book with interesting and somewhat quirky characters, each one complete with a unique personality and enough background to satisfy even me. This is a debut novel for Ms. Daly and I hope to read more from her. Well done.