Help for the Haunted

Help for the Haunted - John Searles Sylvie and Rose Mason live in a suburban neighbourhood where theirs is the only occupied house. They are outcasts at school because of the strange occupation of their parents and their basement is filled with trophies of successful ghost hunts. Not quite the normal family life. Sylvie seems to coping but Rose is more rebellious and runs away. On a stormy winter’s night Sylvester and Rosie Mason receive a phone call from their daughter asking them to meet her in an old abandoned church in town. Despite the weather they make the drive and while Sylvie waits in the car her parents enter the church. When they do not emerge Sylvie goes in to investigate to find her parents murdered and she gets only a glimpse of the murderer. Sylvie thinks she recognizes the culprit as a man her parents had at one time tried to “help” but as the investigation goes forth family secrets start to come out and more than she ever suspected, Sylvie realizes her family is definitely not what she always believed.

I read this book at the end of October when I wanted a good spooky Halloween read and I picked up this book thinking it was a ghost story. Nope! Then I thought is might be a scary story about a possessed doll. Wrong again! Hmm – the teasers and promos I had read about the book seem to have been slightly misleading as the book is about neither of those things, but this book is a good thriller with just a hint of the paranormal tossed in. So, it wasn’t what I was expecting but it sure wasn’t disappointing.