The Good Thief's Guide to Paris

The Good Thief's Guide to Paris - Chris Ewan Charlie Howard is a thief. Charlie Howard is also a writer of crime fiction. Seems like a good fit? Having had a little bit too much to drink after a book signing engagement in Paris Charlie agrees to put his “literary expertise” to use by helping a fan break into his own apartment. Unfortunately, nothing is ever as innocent as it appears and when he sobers up the next day he discovers that the apartment actually belonged to someone else and, that owner is now lying dead in Charlie’s own apartment. What ensues is a bit of a comedy of errors as Charlie and his literary agent try to solve the murder, uncover the mystery of a supposedly stolen painting and hide out enough to evade the police.

This is an entertaining concept for a book series and Charlie Howard is a charming and likeable character, despite the fact that he is a self-confessed thief. However, it was not quite as engaging a read as I had hoped for after reading the book jacket. Although I finished the book I don’t think I’ll be following Charlie on any of his other adventures in the series (Amsterdam, Vegas and Venice).