The Execution of Noa P. Singleton: A Novel

The Execution of Noa P. Singleton: A Novel - Elizabeth L. Silver Noa P. Singleton is in her late twenties, intelligent (although she chose to drop out of college), attractive, sharp tongued, sometimes tender, sometimes bitter and sitting on death row. She is quite resigned to the fact that she is going to be executed because she did, after all, commit the crime. Unexpectedly, the victim’s mother, a high powered lawyer, brings a colleague to visit Noa with the news that they are going to file for clemency in the hopes of having Noa’s sentence transferred to life in prison. Noa’s story is told in turns through Noa’s diary, her conversations with her attorney and letters written by the victim’s mother to her dead daughter. Noa’s story is a sad one of a life filled with making the wrong choice at a crucial moment in time.

Overall this was a pretty good book. My problem is that the timing of my reading of this book was horrible. I had recently read Burial Rites by Hannah Kent and although one is historical fiction and one is pure fiction the books are very similar in subject matter. I may have thought more highly of Ms. Silver’s book, but in the shadow of Burial Rites it unfortunately ranks as a poor contender. I certainly do not want to dissuade anyone from picking up this book, I only wish I had read the two books in reverse order or had a little more time between the two.