Wild Justice

Wild Justice - Kelley Armstrong Nadia Stafford owns a lodge in the wilderness of Northern Ontario. She used to be a cop. Now, she’s a hitman. But a hitman with a code of ethics, a conscience and a need to right a wrong that can never really be made right again.

You would think it would be difficult to like a character that kills people for a living, but like Dexter, Nadia only kills the bad guys.

This is the third and final book in this trilogy, so I was anxious to see how all the elements introduced in the first two books were resolved in this last book. I must say I wasn’t disappointed. Ms. Armstrong wrapped everything up very nicely. I enjoy Ms. Armstrong’s books and this one was no exception, however, I cannot say if it’s because she is loathe to let her characters go or if she just felt a need to wrap up the series so finished Nadia’s story, but Wild Justice seemed quite repetitive in places. Scenarios and conversations kept repeating so I wasn’t as compelled by the action as I felt I should have been. It was a nice last visit with the characters anyway.