Jade - Rose Montague Jade is an enigma even among paranormals. She is a mixture of witch, vampire, fae and shifter … and quite possibly a few other things we don’t know about yet. Her first day on the job as a cop lands her with the partner of her dreams but while investigating her first case the whole thing quickly turns into a nightmare come to life. At first it simply seems as if humans are being killed by rogue vampires, but soon enough the evidence is pointing at every faction of the paranormal community. Although she seemingly appeared out of nowhere and no one either human or paranormal had ever heard of her, Jade’s mix of talents soon proves invaluable in solving this situation.

I enjoy books with paranormal characters (quite honestly – I am often jealous of their abilities) and this book is no exception. First time author Rose Montague’s vision is a world, in what I am assuming is the not too distant future, where humans and paranormals have come to an agreement and live in harmony. When something happens to disrupt that harmony the action starts and in Jade it starts on the first page and carries on well past the last page … yes there is a sequel in the works. Jade’s back-story is VERY interesting and despite tidbits and teasers I feel there is a lot left to learn about our heroine. I am glad that Ms. Montague left a little wiggle room for readers to learn more because there was so much going on in this first of her planned trilogy (boy oh boy – was there a lot going on), that any more information would have been overwhelming. On a personal note, I hope we keep getting the tidbits and teasers throughout the next two books and then possibly get the whole story from/about Jade in a possible “prequel”. From what I have read so far I can imagine it as a book on its own.

My only concern as I started reading this book was that despite being drawn into the story from the get-go I found the writing to be a little lacklustre and I was not sure I would enjoy reading this book. Not to worry though … Ms. Montague and Jade quickly found their “voice” bringing improvement with each turn of the page and by the end of the book my concerns were unfounded. To me that’s a sure sign of an excellent author in the making.

A strong female lead, lots of action, a nice mix of paranormals and a little romance – I am sure this book would appeal to fans of Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series.