The Fate of Mercy Alban

The Fate of Mercy Alban - Wendy Webb Alban House sits on the shores of Lake Superior and is a presence all its own. Grace Alban has not been home in 20 years, but with her mother’s recent death she and her teenage daughter return to Alban house and its memories and secrets. Secrets, as Grace discovers, her mother was on the verge of sharing with a reporter when she suddenly had her fatal heart attack.

Filled with secret passage ways, long kept secrets, long lost loves, unknown relatives coming out of the woodwork (literally), a few ghost (real or imagined) and a mysterious, previously unknown manuscript penned by a long dead author this definitely falls under the Modern Gothic heading.

I mistakenly picked up this book thinking it was by another author with the same last name, whose books I have enjoyed. When I saw the cover I realized it was by Wendy Webb, who also wrote Halcyon Crane (which I have read and remembered enjoying) so I dove in. I am glad I did.