Cat on the Edge

Cat on the Edge - Shirley Rousseau Murphy Joe Grey is a big old tomcat that likes nothing better than to sleep the day away in a patch of sunlight, carouse a little, tease his furry housemates, cuddle with his owner and, hunt at night. On one particular night he witnesses a murder and for some unknown reason the assailant is very insistent to leave no witnesses. Not even a cat! Shortly after that strange things start happening … Joel discovers he suddenly has the ability to fully understand human speech … and he can read … and, unbelievably – he can talk? Stranger still he teams up with a (really cute) female feline who has the same amazing abilities. Can they solve the crime before the mysterious murderer does them in?

If you can suspend reality for a little while and you love cats – or even just stories about cats, this is a fun read. I found it a little slow at the start, but by the middle of the book I was hooked into the story enough to need to know the outcome.

I’m still not 100% certain about the series as a serious time investment but am definitely going to give the next book a try before I make up my mind.