Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black - Piper Kerman In her early twenties Piper wanted nothing more than to be her own person, have the adventure of a lifetime and make enough money to be independent. When her lover suggested she join in a drug smuggling ring it seemed like the answer to all those desires. Short lived and fairly uneventful, Piper soon left that life. Living a less risqué lifestyle ten years later her past catches up to her in the form of two FBI agents at her door, a warrant for her arrest and a 15-month sentence to a women’s penal institution in Connecticut. This book is the story of Piper’s life inside the barbed and razor wire fence.

I have not yet watched the televised series so cannot draw comparisons, but I did enjoy the book. I have read many negative reviews about the writing being a little drawn out and the book being overpopulated. I think one has to keep in mind that this is Piper’s story and she tells the story in her own way being very honest and insightful about her time in prison. She blames no one but herself for her situation and, more fortunate than many of her fellow inmates has a strong support system and a future to look forward to when she is released. As far as being overpopulated with characters … that too is the nature of the penal system.

I enjoyed the book and will definitely catch up on the television series as well. Netflix and I may have a date on a snowy Sunday afternoon.