The Roots of the Olive Tree

The Roots of the Olive Tree - Courtney Miller Santo Anna Keller at 112 years old is determined to survive and be the oldest living person on record. She is the matriarch of five generations of women living at Hill House, an olive plantation in Northern California. Erin, the youngest of the Hill House women, returns from overseas with a geneticist in tow to discover the secret behind the longevity of the family. Of course, when anyone starts to probe into the workings of a family whose members not only live incredibly long lives but have also have history as rich as Anna’s, well – things long buried tend to rise to the surface. Anna’s family is no exception and soon enough long forgotten (and thought buried) secrets do begin to get uncovered.

This book brought to mind books such as The Thornbirds and The Postmistress. Ms. Santo has written a tender and beautiful book filled with family ties, love, arguments and even secrets, all woven together among the gnarled branches of their beloved olive trees.