Snowblind - Christopher Golden The people who live in Coventry, Massachusetts are used to blizzards, but this one was one of the worst on record; both for the duration of the storm and the 18 people that disappeared. They didn’t wander off and get lost in the snow, to be found later. Nope, they just disappeared. Of the people left behind Jake Shapiro has the worst time of it when the snow starts every year, because he recalls his little brother falling (being pulled?) through their bedroom window before his very eyes. Twelve years later another super-storm is predicted for Coventry and the townspeople are getting very anxious about it again. But this time things are different … some people are coming back!

This book had an amazing introduction by Stephen King and I was anticipating a really good ghost story as I started reading Snowblind. Admittedly, I am a little bit of a “ghost story snob” so I have to say this was not technically a ghost story. The horror element in the book was excellent. It was a reasonably fresh concept, similar to “The Returned” but with the scary factor amped up considerably. There was a considerable amount of time spent on the back-story for the main characters and, although some reviewers disagree, I think it added interest to the book. I cared about what was happening to the characters because I knew why they were acting a certain way. It made me want to keep reading. Despite the questionable nature of the “ghosts” Mr. Golden has given me one of the better horror novels I have read so far this year.