Mercy Snow

Mercy Snow - Tiffany Baker Titan Falls is a mill town. The livelihoods of almost all the residents depend on the paper mill and the McAllister family has owned it for generations. Cal and his wife June are Titan Falls royalty for whom opinions are not voiced, lips are sealed and secrets are kept … generations of secrets. Everyone knew the Snows were good for nothing n’er-do-wells so the town breathed a collective sigh of relief when they thought the last of them had died. Soon enough a battered and rusty RV pulls into town carrying Mercy Snow, her brother Zeke and younger sister Hannah who have arrived to lay claim to their family’s property. On the heels of their arrival, on a snowy night, the school bus is returning from taking the students on an evening trip to the movies and it is run off the road by an unknown car. Zeke’s car is found not too far up the road wrapped around a tree and he is nowhere to be found. To all concerned its quite obvious who should be blamed for the driver’s injuries and a young teen’s death. But things are rarely as simple as they seem, especially in a town so very good at keeping grudges and even better at keeping secrets.

I was quite excited to see another book by Ms. Baker as I enjoyed “The Gilly Salt Sisters” and “The Little Giant of Aberdeen County” so much. Her books always have a folksy, almost fairy tale, feel to them that I find appealing. This one is no exception. It has its share of mysticism, folk tales and remedies and people who are good at the core yet find themselves in difficult situations because of preconceived notions. Her good characters are never completely good, as her bad characters are never completely bad and the worst mess usually happens through good intentions.

Ms. Baker never fails to draw me in to both the story and the setting with her writing. I would not hesitate to recommend this book and am looking forward to another from her soon.