Concealed in Death

Concealed in Death - J.D. Robb Roarke has bought himself another building, no surprise there because as he wife always claims it seems like he owns half the known universe. This building has sat empty for many, many years and Roarke decides to get his hands a little dirty by taking the first swing of the sledge hammer for the demolition. No sooner has he broken through a wall than he is on the phone to Dallas because he “needs his cop” … there are skeletal remains behind that wall … 12 bodies in all. The building was a shelter for street kids so narrowing down who they are and how they got there is a bigger task than usual for homicide lieutenant Eve Dallas and her trusty sidekick Detective Peabody.

This is the thirty-eighth book in this series and Ms. Robb has been publishing them at an average rate of 2 per year. I’ve read each one since the beginning. I don’t know how she does it along with the books she also publishes as her alter ego Nora Roberts but that should say something about this series. Each book is a little different and each one moves the characters live forward a little bit. That’s why I keep picking them up. Sometimes the books feel a little overpopulated but in this book Ms. Robb gives us Eve and Peabody working on solving a crime. Long time fans will be no doubt be as pleased as I was to find out a little more detail about Mavis’ past.

As usual, a dependable, fun, easy and quickly read who-dun-it with the familiar cast and just a few surprises.