The Lost Sisterhood

The Lost Sisterhood - Anne Fortier Diana Morgan lives a quiet life as an Oxford philologist but her personal passion is the legend of the Amazons. Her slightly off-kilter grandmother had always claimed she and Diana stemmed from a long line of strong Amazon women. So naturally, when her grandmother mysteriously disappeared Diana thought that finding the truth about the Amazons might somehow reunite them. Not being aware of her somewhat personal connection to the story her peers often ridicule her belief in the “myth”. Finances prevented Diana from going on any philological expeditions as much as her own shyness, but when she is offered the opportunity to decipher a possible Amazon artifact, Diana finally throws caution to the wind and follows the long forgotten trail.

With each discovery Diana makes about the legendary army of women warriors, the reader is also propelled, via a parallel story line, through the life of Myrina, an Algerian huntress. Could Myrina be the ancient (and first) Amazon Queen Diana has always hoped existed?

Ms. Fortier does a brilliant job of sharing the possible origins of the Amazon warriors. Taking the reader (in alternating chapters) through modern Europe, Greece and the Middle East as well as from ancient Algeria through Troy, Crete, Turkey and Germany. Even her liberties with the story of the beautiful Helen and Troy are plausible and interesting. As much as I enjoyed this book I can’t give it a higher number of stars because of my slight disappointment with the ending. Although wrapped up somewhat sufficiently it just … petered out? The story got a little confusing with the repeating names (the Amazons seem to like reusing their goddess names) and then off we went to the happily ever after.

Ms. Fortier’s first novel Juliet was one that ended up on my “Did Not Finish” pile. Despite that, I could not resist the lure of the Amazons. I was a little apprehensive about starting The Lost Sisterhood but am very happy I did. So much so that I may have to go back and give Juliet another chance.