The Outcast Dead

The Outcast Dead - Elly Griffiths My favorite forensic archaeologist, Ruth Galloway is at a dig outside Norwich Castle. Judging by the known history, the position of the bones and the amulet found with the body these are the remains of the notorious Jemima Green, better known as “Mother Hook” … reputedly a child murderess. Things become complicated for Ruth when a U.S. reality show manages to get permission to film on the site. Ruth does not want to be involved in anything remotely related to being on the telly. While we learn about the history of “Mother Hook” some child related things are starting to happen in the area … spooky … given “Mother Hook’s” reputation. Since crime is involved, of course, so is Ruth’s ex/not so much-ex lover DCI Harry Nelson.

This is the sixth in the Ruth Galloway series and the book still manages to feel fresh and the story remains interesting. Personally, I love Ruth as a character because she seems so true to life. She is not perfect. She has self-doubts in some areas of her life and extreme confidence in others. She is smart. As with Ruth and her, now, 3-year-old daughter, the progression of the lives of the other characters from the first book to this one is fun to be witness to and is a big part of why I keep coming back to this series.

As enjoyable as the story is, it is made even more so by the historical fact woven in to the plot and the more than interesting locales. I hope Ms. Griffiths keeps this series going a good while longer.