The Llama of Death: A Gunn Zoo Mystery

The Llama of Death: A Gunn Zoo Mystery - Betty Webb Theodora (Teddy) Bentley, Monterey Bay’s favorite zookeeper once again finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery. While working the Renaissance Fair the body of Reverend Emerson is found, seemingly, stomped to death. At first it appears Alejandro the Llama may be the culprit, but that is soon ruled out. Who could have wanted the reverend dead? Well, as it turns out, he was a man with many secrets and quite a few people might have wished him gone … including Caro, Teddy’s mother.

I fell into this series quite by accident, and admittedly the plots do not vary much from book to book, however, I can always be guaranteed a fast, amusing read when I pick up one. And sometimes, that’s all I want in a book. Besides, who can resist a story that is populated with all kinds of interesting tidbits about zoo animals?