Kill Fee

Kill Fee - Owen Laukkanen These days everything is available on the web, and if you know where to look and have enough money you can even arrange the murder-for-hire firm of KILLSWITCH to get rid of those unwanted people in your life. This fact is brought to the attention of FBI Agent Carla Windermere and BCA Detective Kirk Stevens when on of KILLSWITCH’s target falls to the ground in front of them. Forced to team up once again, they begin the investigation that quickly turns into the proverbial search for the “needle in a haystack”.

This is Mr. Laukkanen’s third book featuring Windermere and Stevens and each of his books keeps getting progressively better. They are action packed, clever, and current. Windermere, as the young “super-agent” plays very well against the older and more seasoned Detective Stevens. The story line of Mr. Laukkanen’s books could well be the headline in tomorrow’s paper, only, made more interesting by the reader being involved in the chase. His “bad guys” are original, which is a difficult thing to say when you read as many crime thrillers as I do, but he really does manage to pull it off. They are always ordinary folks who have a brilliant, albeit, illegal idea to make a little extra money … college student kidnappers, basketball coach bank robbers and now a government employee organizing “hits”. Unfortunately, the schemes always seem to get away from them in one way or another and they wind up in over their heads. It’s worth mentioning something else Mr. Laukkanen always manages to do, unbelievably, make me feel sympathy for one of the antagonists. I always get the “Ah geez” feeling close to the end of the book. I always want the “bad guy” to be caught, yet am cheering for him at the same time. Now that’s quite an accomplishment.

I would highly recommend Mr. Laukannen to anyone who is a fan of crime thrillers. He certainly manages to do it right.