The Bone Yard

The Bone Yard - Jefferson Bass Angie St. Claire is a Florida police officer taking an advanced forensic course with Dr. Brockton at the Body Farm (based on the real life Body Farm in Tennessee where cadavers are left to decompose for research purposes). On the last day of class she receives a telephone call with bad news; her sister has committed suicide. Several days later she calls Dr. Brockton and asks him to visit her because she is certain her sister was murdered and would like his expertise. Facing a long and boring summer ahead of him, with no students and no current investigative work, Dr. Brockton jumps as the chance. Just as the reader is lulled into a sense that this is going to be a straight forward murder investigation the story takes an unexpected and very interesting turn … he is at the Florida crime lab when a report comes in about a dog bringing home the leg bone from an unknown cadaver. With Dr. Brockton in the area and now on this new case we soon discover a “Bone Yard” where boys from a long closed reform school were buried. But of course, its never so cut and dried and there are a lot of ugly secrets to uncover before the bones can finally be totally laid to rest.

This is the sixth in the Body Farm series, but only the second of the books that I have read. Unlike some other series, I did not feel lost reading these books out of order. I little confused at first because I knew I had missed some events in Dr. Brockton’s personal life, but I caught up fairly quickly. This series is one I think I am going to enjoy as I get caught up. Accurate forensic details provided by Dr. Bill Bass (one of the two authors teaming up to write this series and the creator of the actual Body Farm). These books are great reads for fans of Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs or Karen Slaughter.