Without Warning

Without Warning - David Rosenfelt A damaged dam has caused flooding in Sherriff Jake Robbins small Maine community. As the clean up progresses the editor of the local newspaper, Katie Sanford, becomes concerned about the time capsule the newspaper sponsors. It really should not be opened for another 45 years, but as it may be water-logged they decide to dig it up and make sure everything is still dry. While the hole is being dug up to check the time capsule a grisly discovery is made and then, to make matters even worse, somehow some eerie predictions seem to have been secreted into the capsule. As uncomfortable as it is, because of their personal history, Jake and Katie need to solve the mystery before all of the predictions come true.

As usual Mr. Rosenfelt delivers a good story. It’s witty; it moves along quickly with numerous twists and turns all culminating is a surprise ending.