Walking on Water

Walking on Water - Richard Paul Evans . In this fifth and final installment in the Walk series Alan Christofferson is continuing his walk from Seattle to Key West; the walk he started after the death of his wife and the subsequent loss of his home and business. Unfortunately, once again, his walk is interrupted as he heads back to his father’s home in Pasedena, CA. He wonders if he will be facing bad news and loss once again and whether he will ever complete his walk. Despite everything that happens his time at home is time well spent as he learns some unknown things about his family and, even more importantly, about himself. He also must face some hard choices. Almost reluctantly he starts again on his trek, determined to reach Key West … now not only to complete his walk but also to fulfill a promise to his father.

I’ve been “following” Alan on his walk for the past four years and was almost sad to know that this would be the last leg of the journey. I enjoy Alan’s wise tidbits at the beginning of each chapter, I’ve enjoyed the people he has met, laughed at some of the escapades and almost cried at others.

This has been a simple and lovely series to read. No car chases, buildings blowing up, machine guns, international conspiracies, swearing, gratuitous sex or vampires in these books. Just an inspiring story of a man on a quest and the wonderfully eclectic group of people and adventures he encounters along the way. These are the kind of books that you make you sigh when you finally close the cover. They are just the kind of books Richard Paul Evans is known for writing.