The Opposite of Maybe

The Opposite of Maybe - Maddie Dawson Forty-something couple Rosie and Jonathan have been a together forever. They are very proud of themselves for not falling into the trap of marriage and kids and enjoy their somewhat bohemian lifestyle. When Jonathan’s hobby turns into a business opportunity, involving a cross-country move, he surprisingly proposes to Rosie and just as surprisingly accepts. Rosie is ambivalent about the move because it means leaving behind Soapie, her elderly grandmother, who raised Rosie after her mother died, and is now not in good health. Teacups (yes - the kind you drink from) postpone the wedding plans and Rose decides she cannot make the move and leave her grandmother. Jonathan goes on without her, but they both know the separation is only temporary. Or is it? Rosie moves in with her grandmother, the young gardener who takes such good care of her grandmother and (shockingly) her grandmother’s married lover. Quite an interesting group but to add to madness Rosie also discovers she is pregnant.

Ms. Dawson’s first book “The Stuff That Never Happened” languished on my TBR shelf for a over a year before I finally picked it up. I did not make that same mistake with this, her second book. Ms. Dawson writes what can best be described at “chick lit for the mature woman”. In this book, as in the last, the lead character is a “mature” woman in a stable and reasonably happy relationship when something happens to spin her life around a little bit. This would be a great “beach read” and I look forward to more from Ms. Dawson.