The Promise of Stardust

The Promise of Stardust - Priscille Sibley Elle McClure and Matt Beaulieu grew up next door to each other and Matt always knew he would marry Elle. Despite some ups and downs in their relationship they did marry. Everything was perfect except for the fact that Elle had trouble carrying babies to term. After the heartbreak of several miscarriages and a stillbirth they decided to give up trying. Being a neurosurgeon Matt knew the implications of brain death, but when Elle falls off a ladder, Matt faces a difficult decision. Knowing Elle never wanted to be kept alive on life support because of the suffering she watched her mother go through, he never the less had a difficult decision to make. A decision made even more impossible when he is informed Elle is pregnant again. Acting against the wishes of family and the advice of doctors and friends, and knowing that Elle is gone and the baby may not make it anyway, he takes on a court case to keep Elle alive long enough to deliver their child.

I enjoyed the concept of the book, and the author did a fine job of making the reader connect with both sides of Matt’s dilemma, but ultimately the book was a little bit of a disappointment. I enjoyed the back-story to Matt and Elle’s lives but felt the whole moral and emotional turmoil Matt was going through was too drawn out and extremely repetitive. The ending was a little too long in arriving and very predictable.