The Mistletoe Promise

The Mistletoe Promise - Richard Paul Evans Several years before our story starts Elise Dutton’s life was turned upside down. Tragedy struck in a most unexpected way, followed quickly by the breakdown of her marriage. Since then Elise has filled her days with her job and kept mostly to herself. She also became a creature of habit, not only eating her lunch in the same place every day but also having the same lunch. Faces in the food court became familiar. For several days in a row she noticed a man sitting at a table not far from her own and constantly staring at her. Her curiosity was answered one day when he walked over and made a most extraordinary proposition. One that would help them both to get through the Christmas season. Surprising even herself … she accepts … and so “The Mistletoe Promise” was drawn up.

True to Mr. Evans’ style this was a lovely and heartwarming Christmas story. The characters are perfect (yet flawed), happy (yet dissatisfied) and functioning (yet slightly dysfunctional) and all that makes them charming (yet slightly outside the realm of completely believable). But it’s Christmas so I suspended reality for a little while and thoroughly enjoyed this holiday story.

I received this book as a Christmas gift from a member of a group to which I belong. She knew I like to read but was unsure about my preferred reading tastes. She did well with this choice. If you want to give someone a “neutral” book (nothing blows up, no swearing, no gratuitous sex) which leaves the reader with the warm fuzzies – Mr. Evans is definitely the way to go!